Saturday, March 26, 2005

You know?

I ended up with 7 out of 11 right. And had fun trying to answer these most unusual questions.

Neat afternoon. C and I went off to Bookstar. Few things I like better than bookstores. Got about four of my favorite writers, Stephen Hunter. He writes about snipers like nobody else, and have already gotten right into it. Just excellent, as always.

Stopped at Marie's patio on the way back for coffee and bean soup and pie. Guy was there that usually is there for breakfast. Built solid, that man, and after spending a few months just exchanging helloes, but watching him, I had an idea he was Special Forces or had been. So for the first time, we somehow started a conversation and sure enough, former Green Beret. Hadn't made breakfast because he goes out shooting in the desert on weekends and that's where he'd been this morn. So we talked weapons awhile--he likes long rifles--and eventually he told me he'd commanded an A -Team, and that he was the only one of the team left. The rest were dead. Killed in various ops. Hell of a thing, and really sad. As he said, they were like family. In any case, he's a good guy. Talked about the 50 cal sniper rifle. He knew a guy who hit a target that was two miles away. Only time he'd ever seen that, didn't think it could be done, thinks it was accidental. Laughed when he said that. Doesn't like the idea that people can just walk in and buy 50 cals. Said that unless they were in combat, they didn't need a weapon so powerful. I damned sure agree.

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