Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Aha! Not only did the lost post appear, but it appeared just where it was supposed to be. In this case, marvelous technology.

In this case, not so marvelous. Lexis-Nexis, the monster search engine has been hacked. Not good. L-N has an incredible amount of information on everybody, including Soc Sec numbers.

Taking Social Security in another way...we don't have any anymore. Not when it comes to privacy. Nor freedoms. The things our flag stands for...well, that flag is getting pretty tattered under this administration. It's not enough that citizens are being assaulted from outside the nation, they're being assaulted within the nation too. BushCo has pulled off a two-for. We're not only fighting other nations, we're fighting each other. What the hell does he want? Civil war? He's sure done enough to divide us, and I'm getting damned tired of him and his neocon buddies.

I wonder who they think provides the work that has made them rich? They're so arrogant, I suspect they think they did it all alone. No help from anybody. The products they sell were produced by magic, maybe? Purchased by ragged poor people? I surely miss having faith and trust in a decent government.

Tom DeLay is in it up to his ears. Shit, that is. Now there's the perfect example of corruption, that individual. What's worse, there are a whole lot more just like him.

Gov Arnold's people produced a newscast. A fake newscast. And parts of it were shown on various real TV newscasts and written up in newspapers. Is that anywhere near honest? This ain't the movies, buddy. Didn't take long to get fed up with him, lemme tell you. And no. I didn't vote for him. May be dumb, but I ain't stupid.

Amazing how short-sighted government can be. Don't know how many of you have ever visited San Diego and travelled to Old Town State Park where San Diego began, and while there visited the Mexican themed Bazaar del Mundo. Absolutely marvelous place. Little shops and two restaurants inside the Bazaar. One is Italian--Lino's, and one is the much larger and more festive Casa de Pico. Most of it is outside. Umbrella tables. Strolling mariachis playing and singing.
There's a grassy square in the center of the shops and restaurants with a fountain and a gazebo, and often, an Andean music group--flutes made of bamboo. Beautiful music. It sort of floats through the air. Never seems loud, but everybody in the Bazaar can hear it. Diane Powers put the whole thing together where once there was a broken down motel. But now flowers and music and laughter. More income for the State than any other State park in California, and that's saying something.

So what does the State do up there in Sacramento when lease renewal time came up? Law says there must be bids. Here comes this east coast company--Delaware something. Known for it's touristy kitschey stuff people pay a high price for. They bid. They offer more money for that lease. They say they're gonna make their place more historically accurate. And Sacramento gives it to them.

Historically accurate! Know what was there in the 1800's? Dirt and cactus and a few old buildings. Know visitors and residents both are gonna get all excited about visiting a place like that.

The Bazaar del Mundo will move out by May 1st. Damned fools these mortals be....

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