Saturday, March 26, 2005

So far, so good...

Now here's a plain talking guy from down in the south. Take 5 and consider.

C and I breakfasted on Marie's patio this morn, it being FINALLY a warm, sunny day, and not pouring rain or with icy winds sweeping in off the Pacific. It's warm enough that everybody and their brother is gonna be down at one beach or the other. Make a dip in that sand, throw your towel or blanket in it, and stretch out and bask and listen to the sound of the surf. Don't know how many times I've done just that. Did it once on a cloudy day and ended up with the worst damned sunburn I've ever had. But that was when I first hit San Diego and didn't know any better. Tanning rays of that sun hit the ground and all on it, clouds or no.

Just silently digressed...wonder what's happening in other parts of town about now? Like Normal Heights neighborhood. On Adams Ave in particular. There's an older guy there who, for 30 years has owned and run Lou's Records. Just a small storefront...and he lives there too. That man has about every record ever produced, I swear. Great community the big Adams Ave Street Fair off to a start and has kept it running since. And now he's been given 30 days notice to vacate the premises. It's ended up with him going nuts until he finally found he'd have to rent two for the store and another to live in. Have no idea where the new place is. Neighborhood people are not happy with the building owner, lemme tell you.

Same thing has happened to B's hair salon. 30 days and where? The salon has been there, like Lou's Records, for years and years. Most clientel are older and they just don't drive in downtown San Diego. Have to find a place with parking and in a quiet part of town like the salon is now. What's gonna happen to the wonderful old house the salon is in? Well of course the landlord is gonna demolish it and build condos or apartments or some damned thing there. It's all about $$$$ and always is. Them as got it, rules.

That damned's not enough that he rule the United States. He and his neocon buddies intend to rule the world. Period. Like he said, it's my way or the highway. And force awaits if it doesn't go his way. He's a bully and so are the rest of his gang. It's all he knows, all he's ever operated by. Does it occur to him that Hitler and Stalin have already tried this bullshit? And failed? My dad used to say, "No matter how big you are, there's always somebody bigger". So who's bigger? Asia. We have millions of citizens. China, for instance, has billions of same...and they've got their military-industrial-electronic complex up and running. What do we have? Oceans on each side. In our wisdom, we've outsourced most of the rest.

Even McDonald's is testing the idea of people driving up to their order window and somebody in India taking that order and transmitting it to the kitchen here. So, people lose jobs, lose the skills, the knowledge, the abilities. Is that smart or what?

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