Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Eatin' Chocolate...

Now that all the 451 emails are gone except for two, things are looking up. Well, they were until Musicmatch popped up to say they had an upgrade that provided better security. So I clicked on "okay" and the shit hit the fan. Ended up uninstalling Musicmatch twice and trying to get it installed three times...with not once being able to get a clean install. Then realized that Windows had blocked it. So, one more uninstall, then reinstall but first telling Windows to leave it the hell alone. Sheesh! Once I saw that, I had a chunk of chocolate.

Lingered over breakfast on the hotel patio this morn. Started out with just J and I, then came W, then M, then B! Much discussion about conference workshop leaders, 3-day tracks, conferees and so forth. Then, because W is SD police, some hilarious tales of policing our infamous border...the one between the US and Tijuana Mexico...concerning the antics of our citizens who stagger back about 4AM. From there to B and a conversation about our Catholic Bishop who sent out orders to all churches forbidding them from holding funeral mass for a gay niteclub owner because the Bishop didn't approve of his business!!! So funeral services were held in an Episcopalian church and almost immediately the Bishop apologized and said he'd personally say a mass for the dead man. We have one large and active gay community here and they promised they'd all stop donating to the church...among other things. Tony Perry reported on that situation in the LA Times this morn. From there it was Teri Shiavo and her feeding tube. We liked to never got finished drinking toxic amounts of coffee, smoking and talking. Was great.

Drove over to pick up a receipt from Peter for his computer work, stopped for eggs, headed home, and immediately had chocolate.

Got on the computer, read a blast of news. Iraq, Shaivo, Afghanistan, Soc Sec, budget, taxes, and went for chocolate.

On to the blogs...cracked a new pack of smokes, and very shortly more chocolate...and coffee.

Thus it has gone, all the day and into this evening. The world is not lookin' good.

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