Wednesday, March 30, 2005


B and I wandered up to La Jolla Village Square this afternoon to catch the 1:30PM showing of "Downfall"...Hitler's last days. Being a German film, it was all spoken in German with subtitles. Didn't matter. The man who played Hitler was magnificent. Another thing...if you've ever wondered just what being in the center of full out war looks, feels and sounds like, this is the film to see, I kid you not. "Saving Private Ryan" was a tough film, but nothing compared to "Downfall" when it comes to portraying war. At one point, I said to B, "There's Fallujah", and he said, "Yes". Incredible examination of the people who stayed to the death with Hitler in that bunker....and their reasons for doing so. And Hitler became mad. Totally out of touch with reality sometimes and sometimes lucid. Sometimes gentle and soft spoken and caring, and other times merciless. He was very very big on loyalty. Oh yeah. Loyalty was the number one thing. Truly a film to behold. B and I will have one hell of a lot to talk about when next we meet. I wouldn't have missed seeing this film for anything and am glad he was there to share it.

So a Santa Ana moved in today, and we're having one hell of a sunstorm. A total blue and gold day with not a cloud anywhere. All have been blown out to sea, since the wind is blowing out of the desert and toward the Pacific.

W joined J and I for breakfast on the hotel patio this morn. B dropped in just long enough to double check that we'd meet in front of the theater...and when I got there, he was already pacing back and forth outside.

Anyway, T, the head maintenance guy at the hotel stopped to talk to W, J and I. Had him tell W about the haunted places downtown in the Gaslamp, and W talked about one up in Normal Hts that he'd encountered. Fascinating.

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