Thursday, March 31, 2005


Finally Bush's handpicked members of the committee charged with investigating why the intel on Iraq--before--was so dead wrong has come back with their report. Everything was the intel agencies' fault. Bush and Cheney and the rest of the neocons' responsibility came out clean as the driven snow. Not a word about how they'd planned to go to war with Iraq long before 9/11, nor about their PNAC schemes, nor about Rumfeld's, Wolfowitz's, et al Office of Special Plans, nothing about Chalabi's giving them bullshit intel from lying agents. One hell of a fine whitewash and Bush has pronounced himself very pleased. Problem is, the report is a blatant whitewash and it's just laughable because people who have paid attention know that once again, they lie by omission. Something they're expert at doing and continue to do.

It's always what they don't say and aren't about to say that allows them to keep right on snowing people. If it works--and trust me, it works big time for them--why change? Think my dad was right when he said that there are some people who need to be hit across the head with a board before they'll pay any attention. Like a bit over 50% of our fellow citizens. Certainly the 29% who are religious fanatics--and want the nation run according to their beliefs--could use at the very least a kick in the ass that will make their noses bleed, cause they're completely oblivious to the harm they're doing as they work their tails off to turn our Republic into a Theocracy...with all kinds of encouragement from the Bushies...who don't give two hoots in hell about them except at voting time. That 50+% seem blind to the fact that good ole boy Bush and his cronies simply talk the talk while stripping them bare, running a scams of major proportions, sending them off to die in about every way one can think of. They cannot seem to understand they're dealing with hypocrites of major proportions. Just infuriates me.

Well, it's said that one gets what one pays for...and they're gonna pay for voting that arrogant liar into office, and so are the rest of us, dearly. We already are, but it just doesn't seem to register with Bush supporters, or else they're in a state of denial the likes of which is seldom seen. It's downright pathetic...pitiful. Reminds me of people playing charades at the foot of a mountain, completely unconscious of the avalanche up top that's picking up speed, but slowly, so those at the bottom won't notice until it's far too late that there's nothing they can do now to help themselves.

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