Sunday, March 27, 2005

Blogger Down...

Notice from Blogger. We'll be shut down this afternoon for a couple of hours starting at 3PM (Pacific time) for tech stuff. Has to do with "a whole new design" that will be released May 8th...for Mother's Day! Yep. That's what they said. Of course my curiosity level has racheted right up there...but will have to wait till May to actually see what they've done.

Dropped C off at the movies after breakfast on Marie's patio this morn. Wants to see "Ice Princess".

V, the former Green Beret was at Marie's for breakfast this morn too. Said he goes shooting only one morning on weekends. It's 100 mile drive out there, and with the price of gas....

Hazy, but warm day. S grabbed his camera gear and headed downtown to do some shooting first thing this morn. Don't expect a return for hours.

Me, I'm gonna finish the Sunday papers, then jump back into Hunter's most excellent novel. Didn't put it down until 2 this morn when I realized I was falling asleep in place.

Had an email from B this morn, wondering why, with all the churchs' political activity they weren't losing their tax exempt status. Damned good question. Somebody should file a lawsuit and see just how fast BushCo can legislate to get rid of present law, since BushCo depends on churches to spread the word among his grassroots...get Fundies voted into all kinds of local boards, city councils, mayors, etc, so the Repubs can hold onto power. Can't have the Moral Majority on the seats of power without those churches preaching to their folds.

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