Monday, March 28, 2005

No end to this...

...absolute foolishness and idiocy. So the guy raped and killed the waitress. Off to trial at the Colorado Supreme Court. And what does the jury do? They get a Bible and try to ascertain whether the guy gets life or death. See NY Times today:
(March 28, 2005Death Sentence Thrown Out Because of Jury's Bible ReadingBy THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Then, from R in Florida, comes an audio: Seems this female up in Northern Calif is at a drive-through fast food place and she phones the police, gets the dispatcher. Wants the police to come immediately. Fast food place is mopping the kitchen floor. Gal wants her Western Cheeseburger. They give her some other cheeseburger...twice. She won't drive away from the window, they won't give her that Western so she wants the police. Takes the dispatcher awhile to tell her she's not dispatching a squad car to deal with a cheeseburger. Period. Tells the gal to get her money back and go elsewhere. That gal thinks "protect and serve" means just that...even for a sandwich.

A, J, and I all at breakfast this morn on the hotel patio...along with several small families. Best behaving kids we've seen in a long time. Only two Fruit Loops escaped to the floor where one little guy sat...and soon as they left, the chickadees got 'em both. So A is off to NYC tomorrow at 0-dark-hundred. Doing a powerpoint presentation to some gov. group there. J finished some long court tape and so has a short break. I stopped in at the cleaners, then walked next door to check out another shop's CD sale. So gal--big blond hair, all curly, much makeup--is proprietor. She's listening to Dr Laura on radio. Ask her if she's a regular listener. Yep. I ask what she likes about Dr Laura. Well, she says, Dr Laura is sensible and plain talking, and she doesn't approve of stuff like unmarried mothers either. Uh-huh. And I'm thinking, wonder if the good doc approves of unmarried fathers too? Gawd.

Got back here, have chocolate cookies. Soothing my temper.

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