Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Well, the Ides of March passed yesterday and St Patrick's Day hits tomorrow, and Sat the 19th--this coming Saturday marks the start of 2003's "Operation Iraqi Freedom". Sunday is both the start of Spring and Palm Sunday, so things are moving right along. And then there's Purim--the day Jewish folks feed everybody they can lay their hands on. Always did love Jewish food. Have two great Jewish restaurants in San Diego--D.Z. Akins and--Damn! Forgot the other one's name. No matter. It will come to me. When it does, I'll just put it down here in capital letters. I may have to email one of the other writers to tell me. Okay. I just did that. One of them will surely know. I'm thinking it's Samson's but am in no way sure. I hate it when this happens. Gawd!

So now the Repubs can start drilling for oil in Alaska's beautiful and pristine wildlife preserve. Heard on Air America this morn that the equipment is already up there, ready to go. They must be so proud of themselves...especially after pulling off their horrible bankruptcy bill. If they manage to get Bush's nominated people for the Supreme Court, we are well and truly screwed. Can Justice Rehnquist make it for another three years? We'd damned well better hope so. Sandra O'Conner? Fingers crossed. Same for the others. So far as I can tell, none sitting now are fanatics, though a couple of them skate the edge now and then--Thomas and Scalia.

Couple of big court cases wrapped up today: off goes Scott Peterson to San Quentin and the death penalty. He'll spend many, many years there, going through one appeal after another, but I doubt it will do him much good in the end...unless we abolish the death penalty. Highly unlikely. And Robert Blake has been pronounced innocent. So he falls right into the hands of Barbara Walters this very night. Am I gonna watch it? Hell no. Sheesh!

And Congress takes up the matter of steroid use. If the "national pastime", baseball, weren't involved and the records of the players, I doubt they would using steroids or no. Congress is full of sports fans and they want those record-setting players to have won those records without cheating with steroids. You don't mess with the National Pastime!!!

Next up is Tom DeLay, Repub Minority Leader in the House of Reps. That crooked individual has ethics problems up to his many that his fellow Repubs are getting upset with him for maybe making them all look bad. Couldn't be partially due to their own behavior, could it? Like getting rid of the Repubs on the Ethics Committee who had censored him and putting Repubs who owe him in their places could it? So now there are 3 Dems and 3 Repubs on that committee. And will they call him up for questioning/investigation? Not likely...not yet. Hell, they've even said that if DeLay is indicted, he can keep his position as Majority Leader. Damned fools.

What really torques me is that the person in the White House who tipped Robert Novak the name of Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, CIA, is still running free. That was a Federal Crime, dammit! And a crime for Novak as well.

Okay... I'm gonna go with Samson's Deli. No telling what the writers are up to since none has emailed yet. Soon as I sign off here, no question but what they will.


FearlessLeader said...

I think it would be fun if steroid use was encouraged. Huge, impotent men going into a roid-rage when they strike out. Would kind of make it more like a cross between hockey and baseball. The sickening part is that congress is spending tax dollars over an issue involving a game.

Watch 'n Wait said...

I'm with you! On both counts. Congress seems to not understand that it's not their duty to do their best to distract our attention on what they should be paying attention to. Torques me.