Monday, February 28, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

The whip hand? What the hell does "The Note" mean by that?

"WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 —

The horrific car bomb explosion outside of Baghdad — killing more than 100 and sure to dominate cable and network news all day — shows just how politically strong President Bush is right now.

We only reluctantly draw political lessons from human tragedy, but today's news is yet another reminder that on a range of issues — national security, foreign affairs, budgeting, dealing with the nation's gathered governors — the President has the whip hand.

Events and positions that would have brought hailstorms down on past presidents (say: Bill Clinton) don't seem to be seen as "political" problems for this administration right now.

In fact, with the oh-so-prominent exception of Social Security, it is amazing how relatively free and unscathed the White House is to pursue its at-home and abroad agendas."
* * **

Zogby has Bush down to 46% approval in his latest poll. Doesn't sound like a "whip hand" to me. Seems to me that the moderate Repubs have the whip hand if anybody does. They vote with the Dems, Bush is screwed as far as scamming Soc Sec, cutting Medicare, et al.

Sen Joe Biden thinks Hillary Clinton is about a shoo-in to win the Dem nominee for prez in 2008, but he may run, himself, anyway. One of the bloggers thinks---thinks, I say---that he's read that Hillary sits on the board of Wal-Mart, and if she in fact does, he'd absolutely refuse to vote for her. But does she? I have zero idea. Doesn't seem like a smart thing to do, and she's no dummy.

And now Gonzales has announced he'll be very stern and prosecute indecency wherever he finds it. He'd best start with prosecuting himself first. Torture is about as indecent as it gets.

I'm hoping Chief Justice Renquist can hang on until BushCo is out of office or impeached, one. Personally, I prefer impeachment. That would keep those corrupt, arrogant and greedy bastards busy enough so that maybe they can't focus so much on ramming through their horrible ideas.

DeLay is in a world of crap again too. Apparently there's an outfit that's been sending scary scam letters on Soc Sec to people, and they warn those people not to tell, after they ask for donations. Then they use those same donations to pay for DeLay travelling overseas or wherever. Nice. All the more reason it was so very important to gut the House Ethics Committee.

Want to see a selection of what a group of Dem bloggers has to say? They're pretty stringent. Go to:


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