Thursday, February 24, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

"I guess Bush/Cheney supporters must be very proud to know that their champions are universally despised, have been illegally bribing newspeople to spread their propaganda, coddling fake gay newsmen in the press corps, making utter fools of themselves internationally, blatantly lying about Social Security, covering up their failure to prevent 9/11, outing an important CIA operative, ruining the U.S. military, failing to find bin Laden, being outsmarted by the Iraqi religious leaders, bankrupting the U.S. economy, and etc., etc. When will it ever end? Or is this it? The end of the American century and American democracy. Stay tuned, things can only get worse."

Just read the above on: , one of my favorite blogs. The guy who writes it is "A retired UCLA Professor of Anthropology" and he does NOT appreciate this Bush administration one damned bit. An interesting and intelligent thinker.

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