Friday, February 25, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

This thing about drove me nuts! Thought I had it then realized it
was upside-down. Now I realize that in dealing with the digital, I didn't deal with the analog. Blast! Enjoy!

This is some fascinating work from Israel. Once the image comes up, move
your mouse around, and the image will react to your movements. Eventually
you will find the spot on your screen where the analog clock is in sync with
the digital, and moving in the right direction.


Cate said...

I had fun with this, and "borrowed" it to put on my family's blog. They got it lined up and wanted to know why there were no bells and whistles when they did it. I didn't even expect bells and whistles when I did it. I was so glad just to get the clock turned the right direction that I was satisfied just knowing I did it. My family - what can I say?

Watch 'n Wait said...

Borrow away, Cate! That clock about drove me nuts. One of the writers got it turned inside-out somehow and had a hell of a time getting that straightened out. Everybody has fun with it. Enjoy!