Thursday, February 17, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Let's talk about Robert Novak of the Washington Post. The guy who outed CIA's Valerie Plame. The guy who is letting fellow journalists from the NY Times and Time Mag take the fall for him. The guy who protects the source in the White House who gave him the Plame info and who also will not come forward to save two journalists from going to jail for not revealing his identity. Talk about covering your ass!

Fact remains that Novak, in spite of the WH leaker/source calling five other journalists...none of whom printed a word about Plame, knowing that to reveal her name is the next thing to treason and is indeed a crime...Novak put it in print. If anybody should be going to jail, it's Novak. Having done what he's done, there he is, still on CNN, still working for the Washington Post, still going to DC parties...

That individual is despicable. But in this administration, he fits right in. I no longer will read him, I no longer will see any tv program he's involved in. In my world, he's blackballed. He has no honor.

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