Friday, February 11, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Now this should be one interesting news site. Certainly worth keeping an eye out for. Be very nice to be assured of getting honestly reported news. Wonder how much of the world they'll end up covering. Also need to check these folks' backgrounds once we can see who all is involved. Yes? Yes.
So take a look at their news:

Writers, publications to launch open source alternative press association
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Writers and Progressive Publications to Launch Alternative Press Association


Contact: Larisa Alexandrovna | Associate News Editor – Raw Story |

February 10, 2005 – Raw Story editors, along with several other independent progressive journalists and publications, will be launching the Open Source Press Association (OSPA) as an alternative to media agencies such as the Associated Press.

The OSPA will function on four levels: ethics in journalism, alternative press membership, networking and projects, resources, anti-smear council, and resources and distribution.

The Ethics in Journalism Board will vet journalists, publications, freelance writers and organizations for free membership, monitor unethical reporting, and present annual excellence in writing, reporting and publication awards. The board will be made up of founding publications, journalists, blogs, and organizational representatives that run the gamut of progressive press.

The alternative press, including publications, journalists, writers, and organizations, will allow for members to share resources, funding and act as a more inclusive fourth estate. This body will not be a corporate; it will not be beholden to anyone to report on certain topics. The ethics board will provide stringent reporting standards for journalists, publication, etc., and various other standards to be followed by other writers writing in different sub-genres of journalism.

The Networking and Projects arm will allow for a collaborative, safe, environment for publications to post projects in need of writers and for writers to post work in need of publication. The collaboration will be Web-enabled or function through an office.

The Fairness in Journalism Council arm of the OSPA will function as a safety for members who are attacked, threatened, smeared or discredited unfairly for reporting the truth.

The arm of Resources and Distribution will allow members to share legal council, have free access to knowledge bases; including a proprietary OSPA knowledge base, provide a single RSS feed of information, syndication and aid in distribution. Members will have access to publishing, agents and educational resources as well.

The OSPA is designed to bypass the sometimes inaccurate and unquestioning reporting of the mainstream press. It

is designed so that journalists like the late Gary Webb are able to find work; so that publications working hard to get the truth out are not silenced by financial burdens or smear campaigns. It is designed to allow for the true fourth estate – the media – to be reborn in truth and founded in ethical principles, not corporate bottom lines.

Journalists, publications, and reporting organizations are welcome to submit statements of interest. OSPA hopes to begin credentialing membership organizations soon.

Contact Larisa Alexandrovna at to express interest. The group will be setting up an autonomous website soon.

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