Thursday, February 24, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Hah! Hunter Thompson's parting shot...

">"He knew who I was, at that time, because I had a reputation as a writer. I knew he was part of the Bush dynasty. But he was nothing, he offered nothing, and he promised nothing. He had no humor. He was insignificant in every way and consequently I didn't pay much attention to him. But when he passed out in my bathtub, then I noticed him. I'd been in another room, talking to the bright people. I had to have him taken away."
> --Hunter Thompson, on meeting Dubya at a Super Bowl party in Houston
> in 1974



Workaholic said...

Another self-rightous, pretentious has-bin bites the dust. Let me get a cigar in celebration..

Watch 'n Wait said...

Gettin' a cigar is one thing...finding a place to smoke it is another... So what's up?

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