Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

For any of you who remember the solider CB's blog that he posted from Mosul...the blog the military brass caused CB to stop writing...well hear this: Colby Frizell (his real name) has just signed with a publisher to write a book. Hah! That'll teach 'em.

The Senate Dems are raising hell with Alberto Gonzales on C-Span 2 even as we speak. Since they're not going to filibuster, and since the Repubs are in the majority, if the vote to confirm his nomination for US Atty General goes straight party line, Gonzales will have that position. So we'll wait and see which Senators vote for torture and which ones don't. To even have someone like Gonzales who affirms torture being considered for that office is just plain damned sick. And that includes the individual who nominated him in the first place. Bush.

To have Gonzales as Atty Gen disgraces the nation. To have Rice as SecState does the same. How much is it gonna take to cause the nations of the world to spit in disgust when the name of our country is mentioned? Not a hell of a lot more.

Got a kick out of an article in the paper this morn that talked about scientists finally figuring out that birds have brains and can use them to good effect. Could have told them that just from watching the little ones down on the patio at breakfast time. No sooner plant our behinds in our chairs than the birds are lined up on top of the backs of the vacant chairs, chirping away and wanting their biscuit crumbs immediately. And if they don't get those crumbs once the biscuits hit the table, then they try to make off with the whole damned biscuit. Trust me..they know exactly what they're doing and why.

Roger Conlee is signing his new book, "Every Shape, Every Shadow" a week from this coming Thursday over at Bay Books in Coronado. You can read excerpts at www.rogerconlee.com . Am I going to have that book? Damned straight.

Enough for the moment. Wrapping now.

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