Thursday, February 10, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Just back, on this rainy night, from Coronado. Drove over to attend Roger Conlee's book-signing at Bay Books. Been so long since I've been over there, I'd forgotten the bookstore's location. Had to drive around a bit, but found it. Was surprised not to see some Navy SEALs there. They usually are. Did see a couple of writers who've attended the writers' conference. Brought back memories of my book-signing there one summer eve. Took I-5 over and back. Quicker to hit the freeway, but commuter traffic was still rolling.

Listening to LA News on the drive home, heard there's a section of one of the freeways up there where cars are suddenly getting flat tires. Whole mess of vehicles pulled over with drivers out changing tires. That's damned miserable, something like that. I feel for them.

Also heard that the auditing team sent to Los Alamos absolutely couldn't get into Dept X. Scientists and managers in that one do top-secret nuclear work and flat would not let them in, even though the auditor told them the audit was a matter of national security given the materials they work with absolutely have to be accounted for. This is the department that allegedly lost two hard disks of their work to China. Not the kind of hard disks you want to escape the US. Think the stuff is gonna hit the fan on this one. Los Alamos security has not been what it should be, by any means. Something to keep an eye on here. You'd think a "black op" was going on in there. Don't like this at all.

Anyway, I just lit a smoke and rolled on home.

This privatizing Social Security bit is a shell game. Don't fall for it. Really torques me. And BushCo has totally blown the North Korea nuclear business, with his big mouth. Meanwhile, they're carrying on talking about Iran the same way they hyped the war with Iraq. Even using some of the same language. Mess of liars in the White House. And now they've passed or are about to pass a bill that gives Homeland Security permission to ignore any law that interferes with whatever they want to do. Is there trouble in River City? Damned straight...and it's getting worse by the day. Gonna be a hell of a ride until 2008.

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