Saturday, February 12, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Here's a bit of background...short, sweet and effective. So...

To learn the truths about the Social Security Insurance problems or lack of problems, go to: Just highlite that URL, copy, and paste into your search bar and you're there...or type it in. Believe me, it's worth it to just get the whole deal in clear and simple language. Sen Boxer talked about SS in a speech at a Senior's Center and laid the whole thing out. I had no idea the Repubs have been working on getting rid of SS for the last 60 years!!!

Once again, it's a case of follow the Wall Street. Sen Boxer was once a stock broker, and she lays out just who wins and who loses and why...and where the $$$ are gonna go.

On to other things: Remember my talking about the head maintenance guy down at the hotel where we breakfast on the patio in the morning? And that Tommy works as a pro bouncer on weekends...and that he was hired to be a bodyguard for the birthday girl at a Sweet 16 party downtown that MTV filmed? Well word came out in the paper this morning in Diane Bell's column. Here it is:
Extravagantly Sweet 16
MTV seems to have found a party niche in San Diego. Last month the lavish coming-of-age celebration of two La Jolla High students was aired on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" show. On Tuesday, the same MTV program is broadcasting Natalie Viscuso's birthday bash with about 700 young guests at her father Mike's On Broadway nightclub downtown. MTV cameras trailed the La Jolla High student for about a month prior to the glitzy event, which took place Jan. 30. Her Hollywood-themed party featured several DJs, go-go girls, tattoo artists, chocolate fountains, eight cakes, 14-foot gold Oscar-style statues, an ice sculpture, a 20-foot-wide screen Play Station and a miniature HOLLYWOOD sign. The only ingredient missing from the disco scene was booze, but this underage crowd made do with an oxygen bar and plenty of Red Bull energy drink – not that these teens needed more energy, says On Broadway party planner Jill Hauser. She isn't disclosing the exact price, but says when the accounting is complete, it could run up to $200,000 (with staffing and security being the highest costs).

Hah! This should be a blast to see. Tommy will be the bald, black-suited, black shirted, black tie guy sticking close to the girl...even on the dance floor.
That's a wrap.

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