Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

The new San Diego newspaper is up and running online as of last night. URL is If you go there, be sure to click on "Government" on the left side and read Keith Taylor's article on the Green Party. Very interesting take on who they are and why Taylor is interested in them.

I'm gonna have to find out how to get the links underlined on this blog so people can just click on them and go there, rather than have to type the whole URL.

Saw a photo of Condi Rice and the prez of France in the LA Times this morning. Talk about a strained relationship. And that strain shows in the cords of her neck which stand out like ropes. But then she's there to make nice...when she obviously doesn't feel nice at all toward most of Europe. Wonder what levers Bush has given to her to use, now that he really wants Europe's aid in Iraq?

I keep thinking about how circumstances would not be what they are now if John Kerry were prez. I doubt he'd eliminate funding from the Community Oriented Police program, for one thing. I doubt if vets would have their prescription costs go up or have to pay a fee to get care. I doubt our relations with the rest of the world would be so bad. I doubt the Geneva Conventions would be discarded as "quaint". I doubt torture would have been approved. I doubt that the promised 10-day home leave for people serving overseas in a Fed Agency for two years would have had that leave cancelled because this admin refuses to pay their transportation home and back. Certainly the people in the BushCo admin think nothing of flying all over the world whenever the mood...or photo op...strikes them. And I doubt that Social Security would be in danger of its life if Kerry had been elected prez.

Now we'll see what Howard Dean can do as head of the DNC, and Kerry has given a million dollars to begin funding for the purpose of building a national Dem base. This is good.


Cate said...

Interesting article. I hope someone comments on your plea for help making sites clickable. I haven't figured that out yet either. On the address you gave I right clicked, copied and pasted so it wasn't difficult, but it doesn't seem as efficient, does it?

Watch 'n Wait said...

Hi Cate...No, it's not as efficient, but better to copy & paste than type the whole thing out. Now if I can just get the address bar back, I'll be happy.