Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Question: Any of you guys out there ever sported a Mohawk haircut when you were a kid? If so, I have a little tale to tell you.....

Yesterday, in a town in northern Illiniois, T took his son, C, off to the barber and C got a Mohawk. The grade school C attends held what they call a "Wild Hair Day" today, and the kid with the wildest hairdo earned an award.

C was all kinds of excited. Home from the barber, C pulled a muscle man pose and did his best to look mean and tough so his mom could take his picture. He could hardly wait to get to school.

So this morning, his mom gets a phone call from the principal, telling her to come get C. Seems the his 5th grade class got as tickled and excited as C was about that Mohawk haircut and thus a "disturbance" was caused. Thus C would not be allowed back in school until his Mohawk was cut off.

Mom calls Dad. Dad goes to the principal's office. Wants to see the rules on paper that says anything about a Mohawk or any other hairstyle. There are none. Nevertheless, principal says C's out until. Dad asks the principal if she's gonna pay the ten bucks it's gonna cost him for the barber. Principal says no. She has clippers at home and will go and get them and cut off C's hair herself. Dad takes C to the barber and C not only misses seeing who won the award for the wildest hair style, but goes back to school...bald. And very upset.

Additionally, C has missed the awards ceremony.

Whatcha gotta say about that one?


Cate said...

Having taught 5th graders I know the day is pretty much wasted when they plan something like "Wild Hair Day." But once in a while kids need a little spice in their hum-drum school days. The school hasn't got a leg to stand on about asking the student to leave school and or get a haircut (if you ask me.) 1) They planned the day. What did they expect? 2) They didn't have rules governing hairstyles, written and passed by their site based council, (but they could remedy this at the next meeting.) They, therefore, had no business asking the student to leave that day.
Having said this, I can understand the school's intention of one day of fun, but a hairCUT lasts longer than one day, and, if it causes a disruption longer than that one day, it is taking away from academic time needed to teach the kids. The father should have been farsighted enough to see this,and his son would have been spared the embarassment, but I've got a feeling there's more than a mohawk involved here.

Watch 'n Wait said...

Damned if I know, Cate. But do know this..sooner or later, if something more was involved than just the haircut, I'll probably hear about it.