Friday, February 04, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Adding insult to injury! From Washington Whispers:

"Here's the long shot of the year: Congressional Democrats will OK a constitutional amendment allowing naturalized citizens like California Gov. Arnold Schwarzen egger to run for president if Republicans help kill the 22nd Amendment barring third terms, thus clearing the way for another bid by Bill Clinton and, presumably, President Bush. Right now it's the talk among political strategists, but look for it to spread on Capitol Hill when Sen. Orrin Hatch reintroduces his plan to let naturalized citizens run for president after 20 years."

All this Californian has to say about that is for me, it will be a cold day in hell before I'd ever vote again for any Dem that falls for this chestnut. Sheesh!


Rick said...

(I actually had a very long essay written here, but with a few accidental key-strokes, it all vanished. So you will get this.)

From an outsider looking in, I would say it would be hard to call the United States of America the "Home of the Free" anymore. It's starting to look more like "Home of the Dictatorship with Adverse Paranoia and a Lack of Personal Freedom". I forsee a day when the honest people of the USA stand up and start kicking some politician's collective ass. And I will be there cheering you on.

Logan said...

Can you kill a constitutional amendment? Well I guess they can because women were aloud to vote when they changed the amendment so ya. But arnold should not have even ran for "governator" And bush wouldn't get a 3rd term

Watch 'n Wait said...

Well, Sky, yes you can kill an amendment if it's already part of the Constitution by writing another one and getting enough States to pass it, as they did when they revoked prohibition--the anti-drinking amendment, but doing so is no easy thing.

And Rick, I'd be proud to have you have our back when the shit hits the fan...which it will sooner or later. People are getting damned tired of BushCo's arrogant, wide-ranging destruction in all directions. Thanks!