Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Yikes! Almost forgot! Keep an eye on MTV for a program titled, "Sweet 16". Down on the patio this morn, the head maintenance guy, Tommy, stopped to chat. Now Tommy is a tall, muscular, bald guy, and he has another job on weekends: he's a bouncer at a nightclub. A really good and efficient one. Been doing it a long time. Has built up a rep.

So the company for which he works gave him a call the other night. Seems one of the wealthy in La Jolla had a daughter just turning 16. He was throwing her a party downtown at the On Broadway nightclub (no liquor that night). Would Tommy act as her bodyguard for the night? Tommy would. So into the Hummer limo he goes with the 16 year old and a bunch of her friends. The second they walk into the club, they're met with a camera crew shooting their entrance. Tommy, in his usual bouncer gear--black suit, shirt, tie-- had no idea. And the cameras stayed on that 16 year old birthday girl the entire night...and on Tommy as well. Oh, he had a time that night. We'll see how much MTV shows. Heh!
Wrapping again.


Workaholic said...

Smile! You're on Candid Camera!

Watch 'n Wait said...

Damn! Where have you been?!!!

Rick said...

That's really cool! Good for him. I hate being in front of the camera, rather be behind it. But, that sounded like a fun time.