Sunday, February 06, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Halftime at the Super Bowl, so I'll jot down a few things. The wind shifted from blowing westward to blowing eastward, right off the Pacific...which on these shores is one cold, treacherous piece of water. Yesterday: warm and sunny. Today: dark and stormy with light rain from time to time. At least in this part of San Diego. This city has nine separate micro-climates, so it may well be sunny somewhere else within the city limits, rainy here, fogbound there. Which is why our weather people are constantly tearing their hair out when predictions go wrong.

Pizza day here too. From Giovanni's Italian Restaurant. Double cheese. Yum!!!

Speaking of movies, the ones I'd really like to see are "Sideways" and "Hitch". And possibly, "Mr.Mrs". "Hitch" stars Will Smith, and he's always a kick. Think of him and I grin. Can't help it. "Mr.Mrs" has a set of very interesting posters. And "Sideways" has to be outrageous. Anybody see Mel Gibson's religious film? I had no interest in that one. Didn't see Moore's "Farenheit 9/11" either, for the same reason. Both propaganda heavy, seemed to me.

I keep reading that since we're there and since there have been elections in Iraq, that's what we should all be paying attention to and to hell with before...go forward. Ah, and wouldn't BushCo love for us all to forget how we wound up in that country before? You bet. Yes, we have to focus on the future. But that doesn't require forgetting the past. Johnson managed to pull off a very successful election in Vietnam too, but consider what happened afterward. Also did our best to train the south Vietnamese to take care of security for that country...for all the good it did in the end. The only way Vietnam ended up as it is now was for us to get the hell out of their way and let them settle it. Which they did. I suspect the same will have to happen in Iraq. People will just not tolerate invaders telling them what to do forever, easily. Hard to tell how all this will turn out.

We'd best pay some attention to what's happening here at home. Too much is not good at all. Bad as he is, I'd like the Chief Justice of the Supreme's to outlast Bush's term in office, for fear of getting somebody a hell of a lot worse. That is one scary thought.


Cate said...

Didn't see "Farenheit 9/11", but did see "The Passion of the Christ." Everyone who was anyone who went to church and many who didn't around here were going to see it. The pastor of the church we have our membership at offered us tickets so we went. When it was over I was in shock and couldn't make it to the car fast enough. I didn't want to talk to ANYONE about it. Hub and I for once in our lives totally agreed on a movie, but for different reasons. I was horrified by the ugliness, violence, darkness of it all. Hub thought it was boring--he knew what was going to happen after all.

I feel guilty every time I tell someone my honest opinion, sort of like I'm being sacriligious (sp?) or betraying the people trying to save people from their sins. But the reason I am a Christian is not because of the horrible pain Jesus went through, it's because of the extraordinary love He showed to everyone (also because I was born to Christian parents as opposed to some other religion), and that in itself is enough to get me thrown out of church or rebuked by many of the people around here.

Maybe I'm not a good judge of the film. I kept my eyes shut through a whole bunch of it, but it was just too painful to watch. I just wish it had had the music like "Jaws" did so you could be warned about when to close your eyes. Of course, practically the whole movie would have been filled with dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum and that wouldn't have been appropriate, helpful but not appropriate.

Watch 'n Wait said...

That's interesting, about movie soundtracks, Cate. I find that I never "hear" the music or whatever. Know I do subconsciously, but unless it's one magnificent piece--think the opening of "2001's" Thus Spake Zarathustra-- I'm totally unaware of it.