Thursday, January 27, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

I have long been enamored of a word. Just love that damned word. It pleases me mightily. It's means more than it's definition. The word is: commence. I can hear one of my brothers now: "If I have to listen to one minute more of your bullshit, I'm gonna commence to kick the shit outta you." "Commense" is one serious verb with serious meaning attached, no matter what tense is used. For instance: Senator Boxer leaned forward and commenced to question Condi Rice.

Once was asked if that were a real word. Hah. It's moving with intention, that word is, and moving either verbally or physically. A loaded word. A freighted word. To begin. To start. I admire the hell out of it, and I'm keeping it.

The roof is finished. The roof is excellently constructed. The roof is a show stopper in appearance. Total cost? $14,000, and worth every penny. It will last the rest of my life. Good. Won't have to even think about a roof ever again.

One of the workmen, a Mexican guy, asked if he could take the old plywood from the old roof down to Tijuana so those very poor people down there could patch their wooden houses so damaged by the last storm. They construct their homes from old garage doors or any other wood they can lay their hands on because they're too poor to do otherwise. Most of that section of Tijuana is hand built on hillsides. Rain, and they get mudslides that knock their houses down. Well hell yes, take the plywood and welcome to it. So they did. The guy had another crew member help him load it on a pickup truck. The plywood had pretty much delaminated, but there's desperate need for wood there, and they didn't care. Some family or families will be glad for it.
It's a wrap.


Rick said...

Yahoo! New roof! I have lived with leaky roofs, and it sucks. Rotten, moldy wood, not healthy. And I am glad that the old plywood is going to useful for something else. We tend to take for granted what we have and forget that others don't have. Good on you.

Oh, and the cards? Look closely at all the cards. They are completely different on the other page. Two different sets. Your brain is tricked by only focusing on the one card and not all of them. Good trick though!

Have a good one!

Watch 'n Wait said...

Verrrryyy sneaky, that card trick! (grin). Tell you this was a narrow escape. Roof finished yesterday and it's pouring rain today! Me worry? Not now. Course I'm gonna miss the waterfall effect when the guttering is attached. I like waterfalls...especially when there's a pool at the bottom. What is it about the sound of water falling? Music to my ears.