Sunday, January 23, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

As I watch the widening of religious influence on policy under Bush, who believes God guides him and appointed him to be prez, I wonder whether the line between democracy and theocracy hasn't already been crossed, and we just haven't realized it.

There are good and valid reasons why the Constitution requires the separation of church and State.

Apparently, the Iraqis feel the same. The majority Shiites have decided that no clergy will have a government position.

This faith-based charity idea of BushCo's has worked very well. Give our tax dollars to churches, accuse the opposition of moral laxity, and those believers will vote for Bush. And so they have. Tear down rules and regulations that huge corporations have had to abide by, and those people will contribute major dollars to Bush's re-election. And so they did. Lie and behave so brazenly that people are stunned into believing those lies and they will not only go to war, they will re-elect Bush. And they did. Rule by emphasizing fear and talk terror, and behave like a bully and they'll think they have a strong leader and so will re-elect Bush. And they did. Admit to never making mistakes nor changing your mind even when you have done so, and the voters will re-elect Bush. And so they have.

And all the while, bastardize the language so that voters will believe you mean one thing when you mean the opposite, and they will re-elect Bush. They did.

It is no wonder that the people of the world are astonished and wonder how so many millions of voters could be so dumb.
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RN said...

Uh, that first graph, don't you mean to reverse those notes on 41 & 43? Otherwise, I'm confused.

Watch 'n Wait said...

RN, you're absolutely right. Sorry about that.