Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Man, what a weird and wonderful--partly--day this has been! The roofers arrived in force at eleven minutes after 7 this morn. First thing I heard was somebody walking around up there. Left C in charge of dealing with those guys, who all wished me a good mornin' as I walked down the sidewalk to my car.

Off I went to breakfast, an hour earlier than usual. J didn't arrive until 9:30, so had time to read most of the front section of the LA Times and finish breakfast. B walked in about 10:30. Had coffee, talked business with J. 11:30 and we were all outta there.

Was funny. Last eve, I'm on J about either a book or story just began, and this morning J is on B about a book not finished that will be a fantastic read if it ever is finished. Writers are strange. If their significant other has unrealistic expectations (this better be a bestseller, for instance) that can stop the writing cold...sometimes forever.

So once again here at my desk, there comes monster pounding on the roof above my head. Those guys worked furiously all day. We have no roof tonight. C made them coffee in the morning, made sure the bathroom was available and refilled huge jugs with water and ice in the afternoon. Close to 80 degrees today and not a cloud in the sky. Santa Ana blew in. Tomorrow they put the panels on the roof. Should be terrific.

So first thing did some quick research for one writer who owns a video taping service. Second, had a request for an edit/rewrite on an article that a cousin in Arkansas had to turn in today, cause they're heading for a funeral in Illinois tomorrow. Then came a request for a critique of a three-page introduction to a small book for teachers on how to teach kids how to write. And just a bit ago, another request for critique of a humor article for a magazine from another writer in AZ. Interesting as all hell, all of them, and completely different, each one from the other.

Sent off a congratulatory email to Sen Boxer for making very plain her doubts of Condi Rice as SecState, and who ended up, with Kerry, voting against Rice's confirmation. Neither Rice nor Gonzales are fit for the positions Bush nominated them for in my opinion. But they will get those positions, regardless, and unless they change radically, the nation and the world will be worse off for them getting them. Neither would denounce torture. That is evil.

There's a rather new modus operandi that BushCo is employing. When interviewed or questioned, one talks as much as possible to use up as much allotted time as possible to avoid further questions and still spread their propaganda. Pretty slick, but pretty obvious too. They depend upon the interviewer or questioner to be polite and not interrupt them. In short, they take every advantage they can, and their high government positions allow them to do that.

Meanwhile, Cheney is in the background, now directing domestic policy positions. Dangerous people, these. I respect them not.
It's a wrap.

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