Sunday, January 23, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Turns out that the "sweetest man" Laura Bush mentioned is not Bush 41, but his father, Bush 43. Sure, and 41 is said to be a real nice guy in person if he stops to chat in a car lot. In point of fact, 41 is not so sweet. For enlightenment, read "Overworld".

Okay. The roof is looking better. Now it's been covered with thick black paper. Some more repairs--minor, compared to the work already done--and the metal begins to go up. Good. I'll be glad to not have to duck under the yellow tape blocking the driveway, on my way to my vehicle.

Almost midnight. Finisher reading "Term Limits", Vince Flynn's book--excellent--and am well into John Grisham's new one, "The Broker". Such a pleasure to read good writers on very interesting topics.

Also turns out that "spine" folks took to the DNC in DC was made out of white t-shirts. The idea, of course, was to get across the idea that the Dems in Congress need to show some backbone and stand up to the Repubs.

I swear, until I looked at the publishing date, Flynn's book seemed to be about Karl Rove and Bush and dirty tricks. Pub date? 1997!!!

CH emailed a quote that perfectly describes BushCo's modus operandi. Unfortunately, I was on automatict pilot and deleted it. Will email CH and try to get him to resend that one. It's a real beaut.
It's wrapped.

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