Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Blast. The roof isn't on yet and there's a 60% chance of rain tonight and more tomorrow. Wonderful. Vinyl and duct tape have been applied over the most vulnerable places. Talk about jury-rigging! Fingers crossed.

That tsunami freaked everybody out. Just heard about a new group formed in Los Angeles who will be making emergency plans in case they get hit with one.

Meanwhile, our mayoral business MAY be settled in court next Monday. Damned unbubbled bubbles anyway...

Bush is not going to attend the 60th Holocaust Memorial gathering of Heads of State. He's sending VP Cheney, and Europe is upset. Bush said he'd already gone to Poland a year ago. Guess that covers it as far as he's concerned.

When anti-abortion/gay marriage people, who were major supporters of Bush during the election, had a gathering in DC, he did not go out and speak to them. He phoned in a message. Probably not safe for him to show himself without massive security. Just been through that with the Inauguration.

TV had cameras on Bush getting off the helicopter on the White House lawn. It seems his weaving path has caused considerations of whether he was either drunk or on heavy meds. One of the writers has the video newscast and will be putting that clip on a videotape so the rest of us can see it. Until then, no comment.

Am thoroughly disgusted with Liebermann praising Condi Rice and her nomination as SecState today. He's obviously been co-opted by BushCo. Some Dem he is. Perhaps we have another Zell Miller there. Sure looks like it.

I'm very unhappy with anybody in the Senate who will vote for either Rice or Gonzales and their lies and their torture support. I consider the both of them un-American. I dread what BushCo plans for the next four years.
That's a wrap.

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