Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Damn! Was just clicking from one "Next blog" to another. Some of them are fascinating. Saw some gorgeous pics from a mountain climbing guy in India a few moments ago. Blogs are really something. Just one huge global conversation. Communication, big time. I could spend considerable time just traveling out among them to see who's writing and from what part of the world. I like the hell out of the whole thing...people just saying what they think, what they're doing, talking about everything immaginable. Who could ask for more? Don't ask.

Except for finishing details, the roof is done. The crew will be back in the morning to wrap those up and remove all the trash accumulated from the job that is stacked--more or less--in the front yard. The short shower of rain last night did no harm. This is good.

Only 13 Dems in the Senate voted not to confirm Rice as SecState. The rest disgraced themselves and voted for her. So now it's Gonzale's turn. Dems are outnumbered so no chance there to stop that one, even though more Dems found their backbone and said no. No Repub is gonna vote against him. They're shit-scared of the revenge the Bush neocons would use.

The idea of the evil BushCo can and will do in our name during the next four years doesn't bear thinking about. The foolish citizens who voted for him will live--maybe--to regret it. And pity the other countries in his gunsights who may go the way of Iraq. To say nothing of what is going to be continuing torture in various prisons and holding places we now have around the world.

So...once the next four years are up, what does BushCo plan to be doing? Keeping the entire government in neocon hands, for sure, any way in hell they can manage it. They've sure managed just fine so far. Suppose they decide to get rid of term limits for presidents? Can anybody say dictator?
Wrapped for tonight.

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