Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

It being Tues, the writers gathered down in Old Town tonight as is our custom. Nine of us showed up. There's never a way to know who's gonna make it and who isn't, so numbers vary from 5 to 25. Once it gets past 10-12, nobody can hear everybody, so we end up splintering into sections all talking at once. Great fun, regardless.

Of course we had a blast. M is one of L's Grad School students, who is already teaching kids how to write, and she had questions, so L brought her along, convinced as he is that the only way to learn how to teach writing is to get to where the writers are. Well, poor M had a hell of a time, cause we were all talking at once and not about writing. Until L got us settled down a bit.

I don't even recall what M asked. That's because somebody mentioned something about kids always being told to "write what you know" and we jumped right on to what the word, "know" would mean in a kid's mind. Then came suggestions for what should be asked and B really got revved up about things that cause emotion. J lit off on asking them to write on something they're involved in like baseball and what if... Which triggered N, who immediately launched into the next best thing to a full blown lecture...which removed the rest of us from the conservation cause N talks softly, very fast and in a whispery voice...usually with her hand covering her mouth. Which meant none of us could hear a word, so away we went on other topics. :)))

Like Condi Rice and Barbara Boxer mixing it up at Rice's confirmation hearings today. And Rice saying they'd made no mistakes re. the Iraq war or words to that effect.

Then L back in and said something to M which got her away from N, and suddenly we were discussing where ideas for books came from. Turns out that W started writing to stay awake during the graveyard shift and one thing led to another. So shortly, M had to leave and get home.

Then L said he'd told her we met at La Posada instead of where we do meet!!! :))) And a minute later, we get into this huge discussion on violent sex offenders and whether or not they should ever be released back out into the community...and that went to the priests and B held forth.

Then B D had to leave, and S got there. He didn't get to stay long cause he had to meet his wife and a couple guests over at Casa de Pico. So off he went, and we got into extradition procedures where AZ has the guy for a crime, the guy is also wanted in Florida, and we've got him for 2 murders. Who gets him and when?

Which led to the business of "rendition" between countries, and our sending people to other nations that allow torture. From that we went on to liking Cokes and Pepsi or not...and before we knew it, it was 7 and we were outta there! :))) Typical gathering. :))) Fun. :)))

We're all very proud of Sen Barbara Boxer standing her ground at those confirmation hearings today. Now there's a candidate for prez in 2008 that I'd vote for. Strong woman. A real fighter.
Smart and ethical. We surely could use someone with those qualities.

And Sen Kerry is beginning to make moves. This is good. Let's hope he makes serious waves right along with those moves. He's not happy with what's happened and happening with our military and he's not happy with all the voting difficulties voters were presented with at the polls, either.

That's a wrap...


Logan said...

Why Is everyones name in sort of a code name sort of thing? (M, L, B, D, S) just wondering? "We're all very proud of Sen Barbara Boxer standing her ground at those confirmation hearings today" that ws a cool debate. If I was old Enough (I'll be 17....Damn) I would want A Female president ,too. I'm glad you had fun Debating. "Skyline"

Watch 'n Wait said...

Well, Skye...those are known/published writers, so the initials are to protect their privacy. If you were among us, you'd be S. :)) Pleased me that Kerry backed up Boxer in the vote on Rice.