Thursday, January 20, 2005

Just Observing

Just Observing

Inquiring minds want to know...did I intentionally watch any of the inauguration? No. But seeing some of the pictures on the online papers is unavoidable. Did I shop today and spend dimes? Only for breakfast on the hotel patio. Did I email thanks to Sen Barbara Boxer for telling it as it is/was to Rice? Damned right I did. Very proud of her. And of Sen Kerry for backing her. Am I aware of the fact that bombs went off all over Bagdahd today? You bet. That a sailor on the carrier Reagan was killed by steam? Absolutely. Do I know that Martha Stewart has just six weeks left before she leaves prison and that Kenny Boy Lay has yet to serve five minutes in jail for a far far worse crime? I surely do.

As for BushCo, the beginning of the end of their time in power begins today. The countdown is finally here. I'd be damned happy if their time ended testifying in the Hague due to their being charged with war crimes. Do I hope that due to the fact that they're facing elections in 2006, many Republicans re- consider just how deep they want the hole they're digging themselves into to be because of their unfailing "loyalty" to Bush? Oh yeah. There's not much he'll be able to do for them now, as a lame duck. But man, he can sure do them harm where their constituants are concerned. Good. The question is, how much revenge will he take if their lips don't continue to be attached to his posterior? We may get the chance to see. I look forward to that.

Does the rest of the world dread BushCo's next four years of rule? Damned right they do. With cause. Bush, "The sweetest man in the world" according to Laura Bush, condones torture and doesn't give two hoots about any of the thousands and thousands of people he's caused to be dead. Like his mother, I suppose he doesn't care to contaminate his beautiful mind by thinking or hearing about any of them. His major interest is in making sure he doesn't suffer any inconvenience or hurt himself. As someone wrote today, that massive security in DC was not to protect from terrorists, but to protect himself from angry Americans. He's a physical and mental coward. Sits in the Oval Office and does not want to see nor hear any evil. Evil being anything that he does not want to see nor hear, since he's about perfect in all that he does and says and plans. Don't upset him with facts or he will, as he did Colin Powell, order you to leave the room. Yeah, he's a sweet man, all right...

That's a wrap.

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