Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hoo-boy!!! More on Ohio:

Just read more on candidates, Schmidt and Hackett on Crooks & Liars blog via Raw Story:

Jean Schmidt: Queen of the Talking Point
Jean Schmidt appeared on Hard Ball last night to have a chance to tell us why she should win the OH-2 election.

Umm...I was going to make a "wicked witch of the west" comparison, but let us say she hasn't found a talking point she doesn't like. When Gregory asked her if Hackett has more credibility about Iraq because he was a veteran and had served there. Jean replied that she went to a soldier's funeral. When David pressed her on Hackett's experience, she replied that he sounds like Nancy Pelosi. When Gregory says that she sounds like the president's talking points, she hesitated...and well just watch. David, don't mess with her talking points. At one point she starts yelling at Gregory... pretty pathetic.

Atrios calls her the Worst Candidate Ever

Americablog says: Not to mention, craaaaaaazzzzyyyyyy.

Check out about three and a half minutes into this interview - she kind of starts to lose her cool in a kooky way. Also, she's one big GOP talking point, no substance whatsoever. With regards to Iraq, she thinks it's all going real well. "The best defense is a good offense," is what she'd tell President Bush about the war. Uh huh.Oh, check out 6:40 into the video, she loses it again. What a fraking witch. Oh my! Gee, tightly strung much? Then she gets on a roll and just doesn't stop even for air, she gets more and more and more wound up. Oh my God, what a nut!

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