Thursday, October 05, 2006

Think nobody is gonna notice?!!!

From American Progress:

Think Fast

"The source who in July gave news media Rep. Mark Foley's (R-Fla.) suspect e-mails to a former House page" says the documents came to him from a congressional aide who "has been a registered Republican since becoming eligible to vote," The Hill reports. Nevertheless, Speaker Hastert continues to peddle conspiracy theories: "When the base finds out who's feeding this monster, they're not going to be happy. The people who want to see this thing blow up are ABC News and a lot of Democratic operatives, people funded by George Soros."

A Congressional Research Service report states that Bush's frequent use of signing statements is "an integral part" of his "comprehensive strategy to strengthen and expand executive power" and is meant to "inure Congress, as well as others, to the belief that the president in fact possesses expansive and exclusive powers upon which the other branches may not intrude."

"The government can continue to use its warrantless domestic wiretap program pending the Justice Department's appeal of a federal judge's ruling outlawing the program, an Appeals Court in Cincinnati ruled on Wednesday."

"The Iraqi Interior Ministry has suspended an entire Iraqi police brigade on suspicions that some members may have permitted, or even participated in, death squad killings." Death squads "are the main cause of Iraqi deaths now."

According to a Union of Concerned Scientists report, climate change "could strain the Northeast's power grid, farms, forests and marine fisheries" and "summers in Boston could feel like July in South Carolina," unless carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 3 percent per year.

British commandos in southeastern Iraq have "found nothing to support the Americans' contention that Iran is providing weapons and training in Iraq."

The scarcity of African Union forces in Darfur has forced them to stop escorting women outside their refugee camps to collect wood for fuel. The result: in one camp, 21 women have been raped in the last two weeks, many in broad daylight.

And finally: "Excessive Indulgences" at the Interior Department. The department's inspector general "has uncovered an impressive amount of time spent by department employees surfing porn, game, gambling and shopping Web sites." "Our review of one week of computer use logs revealed over 4,732 log entries relating to sexually explicit and gambling Web sites by department computers," the report finds, adding that the estimates are "conservative."



REB 84 said...

"Priorities ... Priorities ... We don't need no stink'n priorities!"

Its amazing how the American media works. We have lost at least eighteen more American service people during the first few days of October and Shiite Iraqi death squads are conducting small scale ethnic cleansing.

So, what are all the talking heads and politicians focused on? Surprise! Its another sex scandal. And it wasn't even real sex.

Florida Republican Rep. Mark Foley's instant message records indicate he is a dude who gets off on fantasy cyber sex with teenaged boys. I believe this is the first virtual sex scandal in Washington DC political history.

Back here in the real world, American men and women are killed, maimed and scarred, both physically and emotionally every day. War is hell. Finally, the mainstream media is beginning to support our troops by speaking the truth about their sacrifices. more

Watch 'n Wait said...

Reb 84...Since Bush "won" in 2000, I have said repeatedly that the only thing that would bring down this administration is a sex scandal...and thus give the Dems a chance to bring our troops safely take care of those wounded so stop the planning for yet another war in Iran. So if a sex scandal will do it, and I believe it's the only thing that will, let 'er rip!

Jay McGinley said...

Bless you for your concern for Darfur.
Several of us have decided to begin a RESCUE DARFUR FAST. One of us began 5 days ago, and several others today. Links below for the details.
Nothing less than a worldwide fast-until-the-genocide-stops will be enough to stop it.
Nothing less will be a sufficient moral response.
Nothing less will preserve our humanity, yours and mine.
Please consider linking (below) to increase the visibility of this effort.
Jay McGinley
Day 134 Darfur Vigil at White House; Day 68 Rescue Darfur Fast (since July 4, 2006)
DARFUR Dying for Heroes (you would find this a helpful resource)
Stand With Darfur-White House II
Please consider linking here to increase the visibility of this effort.