Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Coup in Washington, DC?!!!


Why does Thailand have all the Luck?
By Mike Whitney
"Information Clearing House"

About 2 weeks ago, 10 Soviet-era tanks clanked-along the main thoroughfare in downtown Bangkok and stopped in front of the Presidential Palace. Once the palace had been completely surrounded it was stormed by a contingent of fully-armed Thai regulars who secured the grounds while the Thai generals looked on impassively. General Sonthi Tinsulanond took control of the country, with the tacit approval of the King, and quickly repealed the constitution, dismissed the parliament, and forbid any public demonstrations of support for the former regime. In less than an hour, the government of Prime Minister Thanskin Shinawatra was toppled in a perfectly executed, bloodless coup.

Are we there yet?

Would it really be that dreadful if a similar drama unfolded in Washington DC?

Imagine the Abrams tanks and Humvees trundling down Pennsylvania Ave; knocking down the flimsy roadblocks and wrought-iron fencing, and plopping down on the White House lawn waiting for a white flag to emerge from a window in the Oval Office.

Would the American people really cry out in rage if the presidential team was “quick-stepped” to an armored vehicle and rushed off to a secure location? Or, would they go about their business while taking a collective sigh of relief knowing that our long national nightmare had finally ended?

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