Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gawd! Another plane trip from hell...

Here go Kelcey and her 3-year old daughter:

"My flight left at 6:20 am from Seattle Wa on October 10th, and was supposed to land in Houston TX for a 2 hour layover and then leave from there at 2:15 and arrive in Nashville at 4:17. Not a bad flight if it actually went that way.

So here's how it really went....... Left Sea Tac at 6:20 am, got to Houston at 12:30. However we did not land in Houston....we were sent to circle Houston for a while with some severe turbulance and then they diverted us, due to fuel regulations, to New Orleans. Not so bad, I thought as long as we get out of this turbulance.

Apparently George Bush Intl was closed due to a tornado warning and severe flooding on the runways. So we sat on the plane in New orleans for oh...about 5.5 hours(NO they wouldnt let us off) and then made it to Houston at around 6pm. By then I was just happy we had made it.

However when exiting the plane I was met by a Continental Airlines Staff member who told me I would not be flying out intill 7:30 am the next day!!!! So I quickly went to the ticket counter and explained ever so nicely that unless they wanted to babysit a 3 year old in the airport all night that they might wanna check if there was an earlier flight I could hop on. To my surprise they said I was already confirmed for an earlier flight due to leave at 8:54pm. Finally I thought.

Then, sure enough, as I was waiting for my boarding time to arrive, the board changed from an 8:54 departure time to an 11:15 pm departure time...with a new gate.

Now the best part of this story is the conversation I overheard by an employee from the airport talking about the gate I was at before going to the new one: "So this is the worst part of the whole airport he said, this is where they throw all the delayed flight customers so that they can't aggravate all the real time flyers. We call this the Hell hole." And it was!!!

So anyway, on my way to my new gate with a friend I met there, who by the way was complaining cuz her 8:54 flight was delayed, (the nerve!!) I was approached by a Nashville girl who was talking about how her boyfrind was in Nashville waiting with some guy who was waiting for his girlfriend and daughter, too. And her name was Kelcey!!

She had also been on the flight with me from Seattle, and Danny and her boyfriend had been waiting the whole time in Nashville together!!! Small world huh?

Anyway, we boarded the plane at 11:00 and then were delayed once again!!!! We finally got in the air around 12:00 am, and arrived in Nashville at 1:30 am!!!! Moral of this story: Do not fly Continental Airlines Apparently they are notorious for these kinds of situations. And when travelling from WA to TN have your layover in ATL, GA!!!! Where there is no Hell Hole!! :)"


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