Monday, May 12, 2008

Superdels, 2/3/08 till now: Obama 113, Clinton 22...

From The Guardian UK via :

Slowly but Surely, the Secretive Super Delegates Opt for Obama

Ewen MacAskill, Daniel Nasaw and Elana Schor, of The Guardian UK, report: "Since Tuesday, Clinton has had the endorsement of three superdelegates while [Obama] has announced 13, including seven yesterday.

His campaign team is dripping them out every few hours to wear her down, gleefully sending out emails to the media announcing the dwindling number of delegates he needs to reach the 2,025 target. The momentum has been with him since the SuperTuesday contests on February 3. Since then, he has picked up 113 of the undeclared superdelegates to her 22."

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