Saturday, May 03, 2008

Outsourcing..BushCo loves it...and troops die....

From Mother Jones via
From New York Times:

In Mother Jones, Bruce Falconer writes: "Allegations of widespread mismanagement and corruption among private contractors in Iraq are nothing new; if anything, tales of cronyism, over-billing, and embezzlement have become so frequent that our national tolerance for them seems only to have increased as the Iraq War has drawn on. Even so, the testimony earlier this week of three whistleblowers before the Senate's Democratic Policy Committee (DPC) stands out for the sheer outrageousness of their accusations - namely that US private contractors looted Iraqi palaces and ministries, stole military equipment, fenced supplies destined for US troops, and even operated a prostitution ring that may have contributed to the death of fellow contractor."

See also:

Despite Alert, Flawed Wiring Still Kills G.I.’
Published: May 4, 2008
WASHINGTON — In October 2004, the United States Army issued an urgent bulletin to commanders across Iraq, warning them of a deadly new threat to American soldiers. Because of flawed electrical work by contractors, the bulletin stated, soldiers at American bases in Iraq had received severe electrical shocks, and some had even been electrocuted.

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