Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conrad on Fuel Efficient Cars...

From Conrad:

I saw the movie, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" There seems to be a corporate mindset that the American public should buy gas-guzzling internal combustion engine cars. I stumbled upon this web site focusing on fuel efficient vehicles.

It does feature legitimate cars that car companies are suppressing. Car companies make a lot of money charging people for an oil change, a tune up, a smog check, a "regularly scheduled maintenance."

In one scene from the "Electric Car" movie, at an auto show when the Prius was first sold in America, while the Japanese hybrids could get over 40 miles per gallon, the American hybrid was a version of the SUV that can get an unimpressive 26 miles per gallon.

However, the web site features claims I just do not believe. It has crackpots, cranks, and mad scientests. It claims that the gas turbine engine was suppressed because it was a more reliable, more fuel effecient engine. However, on another web site, that engine was less efficient than an internal combustion engine when the engine was idling.

It also features the controversial Nicola Tesla. He invented the alternating current transmission system that you are using to power your computer to read this message. He was also a very unusual, and difficult man. He would not shake anyone's hand without wearing gloves. He would get into angry fights with his employers.

I do believe he was treated unfairly, that Marconi ripped him off when he stole Tesla's prior patent on the radio, but some of his claims are so incredible, so challenging of the widely held scientific consensus, that he may have been mad.

He said that he had an invention that could have been used to create a force field around cities to make them immune from bombing, and would offer to give that invention for free to the Allied Powers, with the only condition being that the Allies do not use the invention to create death rays. He claimed to have found a way to transmit radio waves many tims faster than the speed of light.

Enjoy the web site, but read the claims with a grain of salt:


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