Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Clinton wins Indiana by 1.8%...She's done.

Need any more be said? 1.8% !!!!! There's no question in my mind but that Barack Obama is the Presumptive Nominee of the Democratic party.

Clinton, if she insists on continuing her lost battle will only embarass herself. Even with Limbaugh encouraging Republicans to cross over and vote for her, she lost.

The public does not appreciate prevaricators, will tolerate only so much spin. Clinton's flat out lie about landing overseas in a hail of sniper fire took American voters aback. Combined with her threat to "obliterate" Iran, people now knew they couldn't trust her to be straight with them.

Certainly Rev Wright's big mouth gave her a very very temporary boost, but in the end, the public doesn't tolerate fools for very long. And I think, in the end, voters sympathized with Obama.

Tim Russert was just on the air giving his opinion that Clinton is finished. She has little or no money left. Superdelegates see the writing on the wall. And she has cancelled all public appearances tomorrow, scheduled or no. Which means, I believe, that her advisors know a lost cause when they see one.

A hint of that came from her speech in Indiana tonight when she spoke of how she would support Obama if she lost and how he would do the same for her if she won.

McCain is the Republican choice. Obama is the Democratic choice. Obama is the best man, and he will win the Presidency of the United States. Good.


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