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Take your guns to work in Florida...

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April 11, 2008

Florida Passed the NRA-Backed “License to Murder” Law, Now It Passed the “Take Your Guns to Work” Law

Maybe the “Sunshine State” is in a race with Texas to become the most gun friendly – and "gun dangerous" – state in the nation. (As a side note, we want copyright on "gun dangerous.")

Despite the vigorous objections of the Florida Chamber of Commerce and employers throughout the state, the legislature passed a law prohibiting companies from keeping guns off their premises.

According to an April 9 Reuters article:

Most Florida residents would be allowed to take guns to work under a measure passed by Florida lawmakers on Wednesday.

The bill, allowing workers to keep guns in their cars for self-protection, was approved by the Florida Senate by a vote of 26-13. It now goes to Republican Gov. Charlie Crist to sign into law.
Backed by the National Rifle Association and some labor unions, the so-called "take-your-guns-to-work" measure would prohibit business owners from banning guns kept locked in motor vehicles on their private property.

The measure applies to employees, customers and those invited to the business establishment as long as they have a permit to carry the weapon.

The article takes note of the opposition of businesses to an encroachment on their right to regulate safety in their workplaces:

Florida business groups are urging the governor to veto the measure, saying owners should be allowed to determine what happens on their property.

"We are disappointed that politics clearly won over good policy," Mark Wilson, president and chief executive of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement.

Florida is a national leader in caving into the madness of the NRA.

In the end, it’s a price that is paid in lost lives and injured residents of the state.

That’s too high of a price to pay


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