Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pelosi...a shame and a disgrace...

Sunday night, late...

And the last thing I should be doing is posting, given the disgust and anger and disappointment I have for this Democratic Speaker of the Nancy Pelosi.

First female Speaker of the House. Pleased me no end. Man, how times have changed. And they changed the very second the words "Impeachment is off the table" came out of her mouth. I was totally torqued then and I'm still torqued.

Her answer to "Why?!!!!" were total and complete bullshit as far as I'm concerned. If truth be told, she has never answered that question. Why? Which leads me to wonder just what the hell is she getting in return for keeping impeachment off her damned table. It's as though she's covered up vomit with a doily and believes nobody will notice the stink.

Does she not realize how many have died or been so badly wounded by her lack of....what? What does she get for keeping impeachment off the table? More, what have the citizens of this nation and for that matter, the citizens of the world received due to that decision?

Does she so lack empathy? Does she not understand her oath to uphold the Constitution? Does she even give a damn? I don't think so. What's in it for her?

As my father would have said, she needs her ass kicked until her nose bleeds. I say she needs to be kicked out of office due to dereliction of duty. She's a shame and a disgrace and downright dishonorable.

There. I've had my say.


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