Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama = gentleman. Clinton is no lady....

From Political Wire:

Clinton Accepts Offer of Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Sen. Hillary Clinton accepted a Montana newspaper publisher's "invitation to participate in a Lincoln-Douglas debate in Missoula, while her Democratic presidential rival Barack Obama's campaign said it was evaluating the offer," the Billings Gazette reports.

"Lincoln-Douglas debates don't have moderators and are considered to be more freewheeling. Each candidate gets an allotment of time, followed by the other candidate and then the first person goes again"

NOTE: Yeah, I'll bet she did since that's what she's been asking for. I can see it all now....Obama is a gentleman. In debates with Clinton, that fact has hurt him. In a Lincoln-Douglas style debate, with no moderator(s), Clinton is not going to pay a whole lot of attention to allotments of time. She will not stop talking when her time runs out. Obama will try to speak and she will simply raise her voice and continue. Obama is not going to yell or raise his voice to override hers...because he is a gentleman. She, unfortunately, is no lady. All of which leaves Obama in a very awkward position.


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