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Holocaust: For both readers & teachers, good books...

From Bill Younglove via email:

The Call of Memory:Learning About the Holocaust Through Narrative: An Anthology& A Teacher’s Guide
Karen Shawn and Keren Goldfrad, editors
William Younglove, associate editor

These two complementary volumes are designed for students and teachers in high school, college, and university. Practical and highly readable, they are intended for use in history, social studies, literature, religion, and humanities classes, and for anyone interested in learning about the Holocaust through literary narratives.

The anthology offers 27 outstanding short stories by Holocaust survivors and contemporary writers including Rachmil Bryks, Ida Fink, Bernard Gotfryd, Aharon Megged, Cynthia Ozick, KurtVonnegut, and Elie Wiesel.

Stories Chosen for Classroom Use

The 27 stories in the Anthology are organized chronologically and thematically, allowing teachers to incorporate selections appropriately throughout any related course of study. Each narrative is short, relatively easy to read and discuss, and stands on its own merits as fine literature.

None requires unreasonable teaching preparation beyond a basic knowledge of Holocaust history and familiarity with the references offered in the companion Teacher’s Guide, yet each lays the groundwork for subsequent additional learning.

These stories, along with their analyses and suggestions for substantive teaching, provide the means for engagement that may encourage students to explore and deliberate the social, political, and historical issues that underlie the Holocaust narrative.

The Call of Memory: An Anthology
ISBN 0-9789980-0-6
Extensive Teacher’s Guide

The Guide offers 43 essays divided into 10 units of study. University professors from Israel, the United States, and Australia provide incisive and detailed literary analyses of each story, along with scholarly resources. American master teachers, representing public, private,Catholic, and Jewish high schools and resource centers, field-tested the stories, and in highly engaging, first person essays, they share their classroom experiences and offer immediately useful suggestions for making these narratives accessible to learners of all backgrounds and levels.

Geared to state standards are goals and objectives, vocabulary, classroom activities, discussion suggestions, writing prompts and rubrics, assessment advice, and extensive citations for research and individualized instruction, including up-to-date Web sites.

The Call of Memory: A Teacher’s Guide
ISBN 0-9789980-1-4
Published in January 2008 by Ben Yehuda Press. (201) 833-5145

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About the editors:
Karen Shawn, Ph.D., is an adjunct Associate Professor of Holocaust Education at Yeshiva University's Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration. A recipient of the Israel Summer Study Fellowship on the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance, the Mt. Scopus Fellowship, and the Covenant Award, she served for 10 years on the staff of Yad Vashem's Summer Institute for Educators from Abroad and as the educational consultant for the American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters' Museum. She has written extensively on Holocaust education, including The End of Innocence: Anne Frank and the Holocaust (1992, New York: ADL).

Keren Goldfrad, Ph.D., studied English literature, French, and comparative literature at Bar- Ilan University, Israel. Her Ph.D. dissertation, completed with highest distinction, focused on literary styles in Holocaust literature. Keren twice received the Rector's Award for Excellence in Teaching from Bar Ilan University, where she was also recognized for research excellence; she is also the recipient of the Nahum, Sarah and Baruch Eisenstein Foundation Prize from Yad Vashem. She teaches English in the English as a Foreign Language Department at Bar- Ilan, where she is the e-learning coordinator. She also teaches Holocaust literature at Orot College in Elkana and is a member of the Mofet Institute's Holocaust Consortium in Tel Aviv.

William Younglove, Ed.D., is an instructor/teacher supervisor at California State University Long Beach, after serving for 38 years as a high school teacher and community college instructor. His Holocaust studies include a USHMM Mandel Fellowship; Yad Vashem Summer Institutes, including the Graduates' Seminar in Eastern Europe; and the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teachers' Program. Recent publications include “Children's Holocaust Literature” in the Encyclopedia Judaica (2007) and “A Case for Teaching the Literature of Atrocity” in California English (April 2007). Dr. Younglove is recipient of the California Association of Teachers of English and the National Council of Teachers of English High School Excellence Awards. A member of the UCLA Alumni Bruin Caucus, he lobbies on educational matters.


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