Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On the way: New books...

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:


Kenneth Wishnia's THE FIFTH SERVANT, set in 16th century Prague duringthe Inquisition, the story of what happens when a young Christian girlis murdered -- and the city's Jewish population is threatened, toJennifer Brehl at William Morrow, by Leigh Feldman at Darhansoff,Verrill, Feldman.Film: Howie Sanders at United Talent Agency


Matt Hilton's DEAD MEN'S DUST, about an ex-military officer hunting fora serial killer who may have taken his brother, to David Highfill atWilliam Morrow, for publication in June 2009, plus two more Joe Hunterthrillers, by George Lucas at Inkwell Management (US).


Ivan Doig's WORK SONG, set during the 1920s disputes between miners andthe Anaconda Company in Butte, MT; and MISS YOU WHEN I'M GONE, a returnto Doig's beloved Two Medicine country, to Rebecca Saletan at HoughtonMifflin Harcourt, by Liz Darhansoff at Darhansoff, Verrill, Feldman (NA).

This American Life contributor Rosie Schaap's collection DRINKING WITHMEN, an honest and irreverent account of a woman's experiences forgingher identity in an an almost exclusively male world: her favorite bars,where she has enjoyed the company of artists and ironworkers, tugboatcaptains and taxi drivers, poets and businessmen, lawyers and soccerhooligans, to Megan Lynch at Riverhead, by Scott Waxman at WaxmanLiterary Agency (NA).


Scholar and essayist Pamela Haag's MARRIAGE AND ITS DISCONTENTS, aprobing, yet often humorous guide to the author's own generation'sstruggles to revitalize marriage; a portrait of the surprises thatovertook a generation of women ready to throw off the old marital scriptbut not fully prepared for the twists and turns that come with rewritingthe rules, to Gail Winston at Harper, by Susan Rabiner of Susan RabinerLiterary Agency (world).


Paul Strathern's THE ARTIST, THE PHILOSOPHER AND THE WARRIOR: Leonardo,Machiavelli and Borgia, a narrative account of the lives of threeextraordinary men, Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolo Machiavelli and CesareBorgia, providing a new examination of the forces and contradictionsthat shaped the Renaissance, to John Flicker at Bantam Dell, in a verynice deal, for publication in 2009, by Theresa Park at the Park LiteraryGroup, on behalf of Julian Alexander of Lucas Alexander Whitley (US).


Richard Bitner's CONFESSIONS OF A SUB PRIME LENDER: How Greed, Fraud &Ignorance Caused the Greatest Business Debacle in US History, recentlyself-published book about the mortgage crisis, to Richard Narramore atWiley, for publication in June 2008, by Farley Chase at the WaxmanLiterary Agency (world English).


U.S. Army Captain Jerry Bradley and reporter Kevin Maurer's THE BATTLEOF SPERWAN GHAR: An Insider's Account of How the SpecialForces Saved NATO and Afghanistan, showing how a few Special Forcessoldiers stopped the Taliban from retaking Kandahar and breaking theback of NATO forces in southern Afghanistan in 2006, to John Flicker atBantam Dell, at auction, by Scott Miller at TridentMedia Group (NA).


Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's memoirs, promisingpreviously untold stories and events, with Rumsfeld saying "it will besomething that I will try hard to have be very fair and honest anduseful. I hope it adds to people's information about these times," toAdrian Zackheim at Sentinel, with Jeffrey Krames editing, for noadvance, with his net proceeds going to his not-for-profit foundation,for publication in 2010, by Robert Barnett at Williams & Connolly(world).


John Rosemond's THE DISEASING OF AMERICA'S CHILDREN, a confrontation ofthe medical & child psychologist establishment, exposing the marketplaceas being the driving force behind ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivitydisorder), to Joey Paul and Debbie Wickwire at Thomas Nelson, for publication in Fall 2008, by Steve Laube at theSteve Laube Agency (world).

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