Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spinning stories about Dems...

From David Sirota:

Beware of High Broderism Outbreaks In Your State

I am just back from my weekend vacation in Montana's Paradise Valley. Unfortunately, my mental break ended before I actually got home. Over breakfast in pristine Pray, Montana (you Montana readers likely know exactly where I was lucky enough to be), I read the lead political story which is running statewide in Montana and was reminded how quick reporters writing on deadline are to blame Democrats for the downfall of the world anytime Democrats actually behave in a way that contradicts the media's false archetypes of the two parties. This may be an update to my Montana-specific story earlier this week, but there's no doubt anyone who reads anything about politics in their own state knows this kind of ramrodding of stories into a set, inaccurate frame happens all the time everywhere - and it must be exposed whenever it occurs.

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