Friday, April 27, 2007

Fear! Fear! Panic! Panic!.... They SELL....

From SF Gate:

The Key Chain Of Your Doom
Is something scary waiting in your car? Is your key fob beeping? Should you be screaming?
By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
Friday, April 27, 2007

I do so love the marketing of fear. It is so very ideologically perfect, so quietly dehumanizing, so brutally American.

Politicians are experts at it. Gun nuts swallow it whole. The Christian right sucks it down and spits it back up and they all wallow in the low, ugly energy of fear as though it were some sort of vile mantra, some sort of cheap heroin and they were both the dealer and the junkie.

But as good as these groups are, they can't hold a cocked, loaded, dread-soaked candle to the king of all fear purveyors, the marketers. Really, there is simply nothing like sinister consumer advertising to make you think -- in simple, strategic, carefully test-marketed ways -- that you are about to die.

Here, then, is this new commercial. It is for a car. It does not matter which car, but just know that it's an upscale well-appointed sedan and it's beige or maybe silver and not all that interesting or overtly sexy, which means it's perfect for mid-level corporate executives who, according to this commercial, tend to be female and stay late at the office and who, for some reason, often park their cars on the rooftop parking lot. At night. In the rain. Alone.

This car is nicely loaded. Leather, adaptive braking, beeping shiny things, all the luxury bells and whistles. But its main selling point, at least according to this commercial, is the key chain.

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