Saturday, April 28, 2007

CA Dem Conv in San Diego...began yesterday...

So I'm reading the LA Times and the SD Union-Trib at breakfast on Marie's patio this morning, looking for news about what occured at the Dem Conv yesterday...Friday...when it began.

NOTHING...not one word in the LA Times. Just a very small article on an inside page of the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper...and for everyone with a computer, they'll be doing a blog. Right. Take a look at what they consider a running blog of events:

Went from there to KUSI-TV news online. At least they have a video report...from yesterday. Take a look at

Additionally, there are a reported 400 members of the news media there. So what are they doing? Lounging at the Marriott's pool? All the Dem candidates for President are here and speaking with the exception of Joe Biden, who is still in S Carolina. Nancy Pelosi is here as well. Does anyone care?

I cannot tell you how disgusted I am. Any blogger on the Indy-Weblogs at could and would do an awesomely better reporting job. And to think that this is the very first time the CA Dem Conv has ever been held in San Diego.

Add to that, San Diego is a major city in this nation that was previously a Republican stronghold but the city itself now has more Dems than Repubs. One would think that at least the local media would take note. Oh, I am torqued.


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