Monday, April 30, 2007

Dead in Iraq to Clinton sunglasses...

From American Progress:

Think Fast

"Five U.S. troops were killed in separate attacks in the capital this weekend, including three in a single roadside bombing, the military said Monday, pushing the death toll past 100 in the deadliest month so far this year."

"President Bush will not sign any war spending bill that penalizes Iraq's government" for failing to meet the benchmarks that his own administration has set, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday, "a fresh warning to Congress about challenging him."

A department of Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki's office is "playing a leading role in the arrest and removal of senior Iraqi army and national police officers, some of whom had apparently worked too aggressively to combat violent Shiite militias."

A U.S.-led raid Sunday on a suspected insurgent cell in Afghanistan left as many as six Afghans dead, including a woman and a teenage girl, and sparked protests by hundreds of angry Afghans chanting, "Death to Bush!" One resident said, "We are not the enemy. We are not al-Qaeda. Why are they attacking us?"

The New York City Bar, one of the largest lawyers' organizations in the country, charges that the Bush administration is "trying to evade responsibility for problems at the Guantanamo Bay prison by falsely blaming defense lawyers for the trouble." The association's criticism comes as the administration is proposing limiting attorneys' access to detainees.

House energy committee chairman John Dingell (D-MI) has written the Environmental Protection Agency demanding to know why Bill Roderick, the acting attorney general, "launched a plan back in June to cut 60 of his 360 employees -- especially auditors, criminal investigators and the like -- via buyouts or resignations." Around the same time, Roderick received a raise exceeding $15,000.

Women online are increasingly harrassed in "sexually threatening terms -- a trend that was first evident in chat rooms in the early 1990s and is now moving to the blogosphere. ... A 2006 University of Maryland study on chat rooms found that female participants received 25 times as many sexually explicit and malicious messages as males."

"Black, Hispanic and white drivers are equally likely to be pulled over by police, but blacks and Hispanics are much more likely to be searched and arrested," and police were "much more likely to threaten or use force against blacks and Hispanics than against whites in any encounter, whether at a traffic stop or elsewhere," a federal study shows.

"Tucked inside Frank Rich's Sunday column in the New York Times is indication that the newspaper will no longer play ball with the annual White House Correspondents Association dinners in Washington, which he calls 'a crystallization of the press's failures in the post-9/11 era.' He writes that the event 'illustrates how easily a propaganda-driven White House can enlist the Washington news media in its shows.'"

And finally: Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) "turned some heads" last week at a briefing when she wore "dark, oversized shades, even though the classified meeting took place very much indoors." Clinton's spokesman said that she didn't have her regular prescription glasses with her, so she used the sunglasses. "Which is a lot better than the rose-colored glasses the Bush administration puts on whenever they look at their failed policy in Iraq," he added.


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Alexander White said...

Wow. Assign those stories some verse numbers, and you have a veritable "end-of-days" prophecy.

I'm pretty shocked about the sexism in chat rooms, but then again, they're chat rooms- the bottom of the cultural barrel. They also exist in an uncensored capacity because that is the way that most people like them.

I guess that's why I don't like chat rooms.