Saturday, December 23, 2006

Saturday...with people...

Have just discovered that Ken Kuhlken, the mystery writer, has started a blog. Now if he will just keep carrying on, I won't have to beat the fire outta him. Here's where interested readers can find it:

California, he says, he considers the end of the world.

I disagree. Inside Blair House and the White House lies the end of the least as we knew it. Those inhabitants comprise the worst horror movie that could ever be filmed. And joy, the rest of the world--including us--get to live in it in reality.

Stopped at the neighborhood liquor store Thurs morn to pick up a couple of Lotto tickets (I won $2.00 after spending $4.00), with that morning's copy of the LA Times in hand. Mr Fish had drawn a mind-blowing cartoon in the Opinion section in which he'd captured Bush like nobody I'd ever one sentence.

In any case, I showed the clerk the cartoon and a guy who said he was a Vietnam Vet saw it and had a fit. Bush, he proclaimed, was the greatest president the United States had ever had. Whereupon I disagreed in no uncertain terms and he then asked, "You forget about 9-11?" To which I replied, "NO, and Iraq had not a damned thing to do with it." And we went from there, making sure to laugh so as not to go too far since we'd never met before.

Interesting, how people can be dead serious but laugh to not half kill each other on the spot.

From there to the retired guy (former Navy) who lives across the street...our neighborhood watchdog...and who is always out front of his open garage taking opportunities to strike up a conversation with every single person who walks within talking range. And he proceeds to tell me that the three worst presidents we've ever had are, in this order, Carter, FDR, and Clinton. The best: Reagan. Sheesh!

So. Onward to a very early dinner with old friend and his former wife. See them about once every year or so at various times. He, even though not Jewish, has lived and breathed the Holocaust for years and does exceptional work to make sure that horrible event is not forgotten. He has no other topic of conversation. She is now working, after many years, on getting her MA. She can really put away the food! I was impressed. And I was also bored to death.

I find I'm not excited about medical conditions, pets...and that was about all that she talked about.

Breakfast on the patio tomorrow morn will be much more interesting, since another writer will be joining me...her #1 interest is in serial killers...and possibly a former Green Beret who goes shooting out in the desert, not far from the Mexican border, on weekends. He's a sniper type of guy and has a 5000 foot range with targets. The Border Patrol guys know he's there--he tells them--and don't come within his shooting range. He says shooting relaxes him. Okay. Good.


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