Friday, December 29, 2006

Joe Wambaugh...the cop's cop...

Just wanted to add that I've just finished reading "Hollywood Station" by Joe Wambaugh. It's excellent. If you've ever wondered what is meant by "cop talk", you'll wonder no longer. The opening pages are filled with it. A marvelous language, cop-speak.

More, the reader walks with those cops right into one horrendous murder scene, and neither the reader nor the cops know it until they're face to face with it.

One evening, some years ago, we writers were sitting in the Palace Bar in the old Horton Grand Hotel in San Diego where, by the way, Wyatt Earp also hung out in the 1800's, when Wambaugh wandered in to join us. And to complain that he was "out of work". It seems he'd just finished a book and didn't yet have his next one in mind. Therefore, he really was out of work.

What I want to say is that he's a really nice guy, and a damned fine writer. I think of him and grin. And congratulate him for once again being "out of work" for the best of reasons.


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